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Optimal service which insures flowing traffic.

A website is not just a product placed upon a shelf, it’s a strategic placement of desirable goods. The goal is to bring each page associated with a given website to it’s optimum functionality. Moreover, to equipped each page with proper composition smoothening search engine processing with popular engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This process promote site visibility.

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GoDaddy Youtube Channel

What is S.E.O. and how does it work?

For some it is a mystery, but it is really a science and Whisor Digital offers help.

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GoDaddy Performance report for this website. The goal was to bring the performance percentage to standards associated with most search engines. This was a needed tweaking to promote visible finesse.

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GTmetrix Performance report to validate the work done. Thus, being wise having a second source with a slightly different focus. This helps pinpoint small areas of interest and spotlight treatable area to aid in a possible solution.

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This shows the work put into the performance of the website from start to finish. Moreover, the job took time as different issues pose no way to access certain areas and certain functionalities are bypassed to maintain user experience.

As people we have the choice not to converse or not to have the information to persist in any given topic, but a website has no choice, but to be outgoing and informative.

Kareem Henry
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