Whisor Digital is a proud black-owned company ready to help clients display their brand online, with a triumphant work of art. Successfully, freelancing since 2014!

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Owner | Kareem Henry
Full Stack Developer | 2013 – Present
City | Seattle, WA

Specializing in modern website design to provide a robust platform for a client’s brand or business. With a keen knowledge of project management, I have learn to undertake and finalize a wide range of projects. My mission is that with every platform established clients are able to organically increase conversion rate and profit.

Facilitating a win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination. At the end of the day, my promise is to utilize me skills and knowledge to success. Born and raised in New Orleans, LA, I’ve learned what is means to make something from nothing. Each project is equally valued and given the intimate time to develop.

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” I’ve been dealt one deck of cards for this life. So, I have to know the cards that are given to me, because when I first placed my bet, I realized I chose to go all in. So, I have to win! “

Kareem Henry

Owner / Freelance Developer, Whisor Digital